Thursday, June 19, 2008

My first Diva ride @AMS

Tonight I decided to try out the Diva Ride at Atlanta Motor Speedway with the ladies who frequent Epic Bikes. First off, when I pulled up I noticed Nina in the car next to me. Now mind you - I've frequented the SCC Forum and I even remember reference to a "Nina" but never did it cross my mind that it'd be my husband's prom date from our senior year in high school!!!! Yes, you heard me correctly...I did a huge part of my ride w/ my husband's old prom date! LOL! Talk about 6 degrees of separation...

I had a blast! All of the ladies were great - I didn't get to talk to everyone as much as I'd have liked to but I really enjoyed riding and talking w/ Micah (hope I speed that right) and Nina. Lucky for me, Nina and several others also go out on Tuesday evenings so I think I'll join them - I now have two nights to choose from, or better yet, I have TWO nights that I can ride with others!

Oh, and btw - for the one person who would even care - I conquered 27.98 miles BABY!!! WOOHOO!!! Did I mention that I had an average speed of 14.21mph? How's that for my second time on a road bike?

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