Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm the proud new owner...

of a beautiful 2007 Jamis Quest Femme!! WOOHOO!! Don't laugh at my gooberish picture - I was very excited about my new bike so I made dh take a picture as soon as I got it home. I purchased my "pistaschio and pearl" Jamis Quest from Intown Bikes in Atlanta, GA. This time I dealt with the owner - Mike - since Rob was busy. As a side note - I also saw "RonH" who I speak to from time to time on . It's a good place to dig around for info and meet other cyclists if anyone is interested.
Here's a picture of me w/ my new wheels:

I'm really pleased with my final decision; the bike fits me well and is a buttery sweet ride! I still need to purchase pedals; I tried out Speedplay pedals at Epic Bikes last week and fell in love so I'll swing by tomorrow to pick those up. I was so nervous about clipless pedals (why do they call them clipless when they clip into your shoes?? Don't answer's rhetorical..) At Intown, I also purchased these shoes by Louis Garneau:

No, the shoe doesn't "match" the bike (as someone else pointed out), but it's close. I really think I would have preferred something a little more plain - maybe black and white - but who cares. It's a shoe - and a good one I'm told.

So...thank you for your support if you've been providing feedback either in blog comment (Hedda) or verbal (Flo) format. I'm so happy to be through the picking phase and on to the riding phase!!! YIPPIE!!! Now, I need to figure out a good format for logging miles...maybe a ride list on the sidebar where I can track my mileage? We'll see. My dh has discovered my blog (I tried to keep it secret - he found it by reading someone else's blog who links to my blog...booo....I liked the secret) so maybe he can give me some input? He's good at that techy, nerdy stuff. HINT HINT...


  1. Yay!! Congratulations! How shoes were way ugly - I bought clearance boy's shoes. Oh well.

    Florian: "I'm very happy for her. I love it. It's awesome. Tell her to come show us. Better yet tell her to ride her bike up here to show us."

    Are there back roads between here and there?Scary thought.

  2. yes, there are back roads and one day - I will! My goal is to ride a century so I'm sure the distance between our houses is is a real possibility!