Monday, June 30, 2008

My First "B" Ride

Epic Bicycles - my LBS - hosts Monday and Wednesday night group rides for members of the Southern Crescent Cycling Group. Of course, I'm a member. I've been riding w/ the ladies on Thursday nights - it's a great night with lots of socialization - but sometimes I want to ride a little harder than they do so I've been thinking about the group rides that start at the bike shop. According to the forum at SCC, on Monday and Wednesday nights, there is a 6:30 group that calls themselves, "Z" group. It's basically a spoof b/c typically the group breaks apart based on speed and ends up as "A group", "Killer B group", "B group" and "C group". "Z" group is a true no-drop ride led by a guy who claims to need to get back in shape.

I showed up at the shop tonight ready to hang w/ the "Z" group. As I pulled up at 6:05, one group was pulling off. I was crazy nervous - no butterflies in my belly - I was feeling velociraptors flutter around. I felt like a minnow in Lake Superior...all of those cyclist staring at me, undoubtedly wondering who in the hell I was... I noticed Kristen (the only female worker at the LBS) coming out of the shop so I immediately approached her to ask which group was which and "how do I find Z group". Kristen explained that A group was riding off (sure enough...there they went....) and so that made the rest of us "B's". I immediatly explained that I was there for the "Z" group. Insistent that they wouldn't let me drop, Kristen told me to come along. As I typically do, I followed orders and fell in line.

I'm going to make this short - I managed not to die, commit any major cycling blunders (aside of the little scream I let out when we stopped at a light and I thought my foot wasn't going to unclip from the pedal) - and Kristen (and a cool guy named...Mark, maybe?) refused to leave me behind. Okay okay...I dropped a chain at one point too but three awesome guys stopped to make sure I was okay and road with me until we caught the pack (or maybe they were waiting for us?). Either way, I had a blast and conquered just over 22 miles at a speed MUCH faster than I was accustomed to riding. I'm sure Kristen would have liked a better workout, but she was such a team player and stayed with me the whole way. Here's the route we took (if ever you'd told me I'd ride my bicycle from my neck of the woods to Hampton, I'd have laughed uncontrollably...):

I had a blast and although I'm certain that Kristen and I sort of morphed ourselves into "group C", I had a great time, I feel really good about myself and I plan to show up again on Wednesday if my sweet husband will wrangle the rugrats.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Three theories on bugs

I completed two rides this weekend - about 20mi each. Both have been on the PATH trail from Panola to just past the Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve and back. On both rides, I was attacked by grasshoppers and other flying insects when coming back to the Panola trailhead. So here are my three theories on bugs:

1) I do a lot of climbing on the way to Arabia so I travel slower. Perhaps I'm going so slow that I'm not a threat and the bugs are able to pass me on their journey to the bug market/bug mall/bug watering hole (or wherever bugs go during the day). On the way back, I catch a lot of great hills so I'm going faster. Perhaps this annoys the bugs so they fling themselves at me jihad style?

2) Bugs think of me as salt on their margarita rim. I always start pretty early to beat the heat so on the way back it's probably about bug lunch time. Maybe, since I'm sweaty on the way back, they like a lick to go w/ their margarita. It's a stretch, but we can't disprove it.

3) There only seems to be headwind on the way back. On the way there, there are hills, but I'm supercharged and I never seem to notice a wind holding me back. When I'm exhausted, just wanting to fly down hills and I'm on my way back, there always seems to be a headwind. Perhaps on the way there, the bugs are able to maneuver around me with ease. On the way back, the same headwind affects them, so it makes it more difficult to get out of my way when I fly down those glorious hills. Similar to #1, only this theory assumes that the wind is the problem more so than my ability to come off hills like Levi.

Other suggestions are welcomed...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Good tire, bad chain...

So I hauled my bike around with me all day today...I had to work and since I didn't know what time I'd be home, I let the bike hitch a ride so it'd be with me to swing by the LBS. As it turns out, I visited the other LBS also known as the "not so LBS". I was 6 miles away and I love that place so I stopped by, brought in my bike, they took a look and said the tire looked just fine - true and all! :) So I took the credit of course, even though I'm sure it's probably on account of the help I solicited from dh. I purchased a locking bike chain b/c as two separate family members pointed out yesterday...I spend a lot of time in "not so safe" places between his shop and my schools, so it might be good to have a way to "lock the bike" to my rack, just in case. So of course, all day today I was paranoid. I went by North Dekalb Mall w/ co-workers for lunch and I was a nervous wreck - afraid I'd come out to find my bike missing. I actually excused myself once during lunch to check on it and ended up moving my car to a parking space near a window in the area of the mall we were sitting in.

Anyway. I did finally go by the real LBS later in the afternoon. I ran an errand for the shop so TSD had Max clean up the apparent mess I had made of my chain by not wiping it down properly the last time I lubed it up.

I'm so glad Bike Mike doesn't read this - I'm sure he has as many lube jokes as rack jokes...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The scotties and my daddy would smile

I had a flat while riding was neither expected or appreciated. I was irritated but only mildly irritated. Here's what I look like, mildly irritated:

I had intended to ride at least 30 miles...I ended with 14.98; Let's not discuss speed. Despite my irritation, I really did want to change my own tire. I sat down in the garage where no one could hear me cuss:

About a year ago, my BFF and I tried to change the tube in her tire and it was a huge disaster. My children are still deaf from the sound of her tube exploding....but I learned a valuable lesson...always check the inside of the tire to determine if there is debris that caused the problem. In her case it was a thorn...and we didn't check for it. In my case, I found the culprit, it was a tiny shard of metal - almost like a straightened staple. So I was momentarily elated...until I couldn't figure out how to "true" the wheel correctly. I did what no woman ever wants to do...I asked my husband for help.

I came home to change my tire in the privacy of my garage because I wasn't sure I could change it without looking like and idiot. I guess it's better to look like an idiot in front of one's husband than the entire group you're riding with. In my case, it still makes me mad. I like to have that "I don't need a man" kind of attitude. Here's what I think of women who are afraid to dirty their fingers or chip their pedicure:

I am capable of anything - that's what I learned from the women's college that I attend. When I was a child, my dad used to tell me that he could do anything he put is mind to - he could fly a fighter jet if you gave him enough time to tinker with it. At the time I believed him and as an adult, I still believe him. I also believe that I've adopted the same sense of determination he had, even though I'm not sure it's the kind of determination my daddy intended for his daughter. I'm sure my husband might even appreciate a "more delicate" sort of wife. But they've grown to accept me...I think.

When I experience failure, which I often do, I become especially standoffish and irritable. I don't mean to "clam up" or act "grouchy", but failure serves as confirmation that I'm not the person I was taught to be. I become easily irritated and any sense of humor I may have had about the situation completely diminishes. As the innocent bystander affected by my many moods, my husband would likely attest that what I've just explained is quite the understatement. I hate to feel as though I can't do something that I put my mind to. I was overwhelmed with this feeling tonight. It sucks.

So I got my hands dirty and I proved that a woman can change a tire, even if it's only on a bike. I'm not okay with this, but I'll sleep on it and undoubtedly feel better in the morning. My husband...well, hopefully he'll forgive me for my grouchy ways...and tomorrow I'll do what daddy would have wanted and I'll visit the LBS to see if they'll give a "girl" a hand.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gimme some Cheese, cause I've got the WHINE covered

I had a great ride tonight - I met up w/ Nina and others to put in some miles at AMS. I had a strong ride for the most part, my speed wasn't what it should be but it was a "group" ride so I wasn't focused on speed (well, not can you ride a road bike and not think about speed? I mean...come on! So I though about it a little...).

I called it quits after 25.09 mi with an average speed of 16.39mph including two stops - one to help someone and one to grab a different pair of gloves.

The problem? I was riding w/ a new set of gloves that I bought last week. The padding in the palm was awesome but they were cutting of the circulation between my pointer and middle finger from shortly after I put them on. I managed about 16 miles before I headed back to the car to see what the heck was happening to my fingers. I changed over to my old gloves and headed back out. I felt immediate relief...which allowed me to think about the pain in my neck and shoulders...

Nina said I looked "stretched out"...I wish I could ride with someone w/ experience who could tell me if my riding position is unproductive. I feel fairly comfortable except for the neck and shoulders but I'm chalking that up to using muscles that I don't use all of the time - and b/c I'm just getting comfortable with this bike - I'm thinking tense muscles might be a factor too.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Look at my Kick A&% Blog Header!

My husband kicks tail - have I ever mentioned that? He created this new blog header and rearranged all of my colors and fonts so they'd be a little more "me"! WOOHOO! I especially love the way the bike silhouette is almost the same color as the "pistachio" on my Jamis!! (don't get me started on that either - I scratched the skin off of a pistachio and it IS NOT the color of my bike...I think it should have been called mint mojito! But I digress...)

Isn't it great to have someone who loves you? It's even cooler when he's an artist!

To see more of his work - check his blog - he does commissions if anyone is interested . His blog has been idle for a while and I hardly find the recent stuff to be a good indication of his talent - dig around a little for the picture he painted of our daughter - you'll fall off your chair!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My first Diva ride @AMS

Tonight I decided to try out the Diva Ride at Atlanta Motor Speedway with the ladies who frequent Epic Bikes. First off, when I pulled up I noticed Nina in the car next to me. Now mind you - I've frequented the SCC Forum and I even remember reference to a "Nina" but never did it cross my mind that it'd be my husband's prom date from our senior year in high school!!!! Yes, you heard me correctly...I did a huge part of my ride w/ my husband's old prom date! LOL! Talk about 6 degrees of separation...

I had a blast! All of the ladies were great - I didn't get to talk to everyone as much as I'd have liked to but I really enjoyed riding and talking w/ Micah (hope I speed that right) and Nina. Lucky for me, Nina and several others also go out on Tuesday evenings so I think I'll join them - I now have two nights to choose from, or better yet, I have TWO nights that I can ride with others!

Oh, and btw - for the one person who would even care - I conquered 27.98 miles BABY!!! WOOHOO!!! Did I mention that I had an average speed of 14.21mph? How's that for my second time on a road bike?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I wish I could type the superman theme song

because that's what I felt like when I was flying down hills on my solo ride tonight!!! THIS BIKE ROCKS...and it flies too!

Had a scary moment w/ a dog - I now know what street NOT to visit when riding...

I looked like a pro w/ my pedals...except for that one moment when I almost fell over and the teenagers in the car nearby laughed at me. Dorks. At least I wasn't sitting on my a&% in a car...

My husband saw me pass by and said I look like a bicycle cop b/c my glasses and helmet are black and I was wearing black bike shorts.

Turns out my saddle isn't so bad afterall...especially when wearing bike shorts. The pedals are awesome, the computer works great and I somehow lost a water bottle. Can't wait to ride tomorrow!!!

Accessories are a girl's best friend!

Since purchasing the bike, I've purchased my pedals (which are quite the necessity) and a few accessories. First, I bought an extra bottle cage and water bottle. I've noticed that I'm a water hog - perhaps it's because the average daily temperature here in GA lately is like 200 degrees?!

Next, I bought some 100% UV blocking sun glasses but when I got in the car I noticed that they have a tiny scratch on one lens, so now when I put them on its all I see. They were a cheapy pair from Dick's Sporting Goods so I'll probably swing by there later for a refund. I look pretty silly in them but they have good coverage so I'll go with function over fashion. I don't have a picture of them to show you - just trust me - I look silly.

Okay -so that reminds me about something...I need someone to put a positive spin on this for me b/c it keeps hanging around in the back of my mind...I was at the bike shop on Sunday getting my pedals and Kristen (who also works at Epic - and seems really cool) is putting on the bottle cage I bought and she says, "you seem pretty caught up - for lack of a better term - in aesthetics, so is it going to bother you that I have to put these little washers on before the bottle cage?" She said they had to do the same thing with hers and she thought it was really ugly. Had she not said that - I'd have felt really insecure (or maybe I already do?) but her comment about her own cage made me feel a little better. Am I really that caught up in the way things look that someone who has only met me an hour earlier thinks I'm stuck on aesthetics??? I think it's pretty normal to at least give a damn about how things look...but perhaps I go overboard? I've always thought I was fairly far away from that mentality... My husband, if he's reading this, is probably nodding his head w/ a grin. We have this conversation a lot...if you know him, you know that we are absolute opposites in this regard. He'd wear green and purple striped shorts with a bright orange shirt, blue shoes and knee socks if I wouldn't have a fit...and it would all be very wrinkled. I think color, wrinkles and cleanliness matter but I'm not exactly a fashionista or anything...

I digress...anyway...I also purchased this little bit of coolness:

This is the Sigma BC 906 Bike Computer. Now, I admit - it's not the the new Garmin Edge 705 or anything, but I'm excited about it. As I explained to bike Mike, I didn't want something to take my basal body temp and let me know whether or not it's raining in Taiwan, I just wanted something to keep up with speed and distance. I would have preferred wireless but I forgot to say so and didn't realize it was wired until bike Mike had taken the time to program it for me. Once I got home and looked through reviews - it looks like most of the wireless computers have a hard time with accuracy and interference until you get up into the models that are digitally shielded. They really aren't that expensive, but it sounds like some folks have had some frustration with them around hospitals and traffic signals. So I'll stick to the wired one for now - it's really all I need and for under $30.00 - it's a deal.

I also have a bike jersey on the way...and another pair of shorts.... Perhaps I should just skip Christmas for myself this year? I'm feeling a little guilty now that I've put it all on paper. :(

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm the proud new owner...

of a beautiful 2007 Jamis Quest Femme!! WOOHOO!! Don't laugh at my gooberish picture - I was very excited about my new bike so I made dh take a picture as soon as I got it home. I purchased my "pistaschio and pearl" Jamis Quest from Intown Bikes in Atlanta, GA. This time I dealt with the owner - Mike - since Rob was busy. As a side note - I also saw "RonH" who I speak to from time to time on . It's a good place to dig around for info and meet other cyclists if anyone is interested.
Here's a picture of me w/ my new wheels:

I'm really pleased with my final decision; the bike fits me well and is a buttery sweet ride! I still need to purchase pedals; I tried out Speedplay pedals at Epic Bikes last week and fell in love so I'll swing by tomorrow to pick those up. I was so nervous about clipless pedals (why do they call them clipless when they clip into your shoes?? Don't answer's rhetorical..) At Intown, I also purchased these shoes by Louis Garneau:

No, the shoe doesn't "match" the bike (as someone else pointed out), but it's close. I really think I would have preferred something a little more plain - maybe black and white - but who cares. It's a shoe - and a good one I'm told.

So...thank you for your support if you've been providing feedback either in blog comment (Hedda) or verbal (Flo) format. I'm so happy to be through the picking phase and on to the riding phase!!! YIPPIE!!! Now, I need to figure out a good format for logging miles...maybe a ride list on the sidebar where I can track my mileage? We'll see. My dh has discovered my blog (I tried to keep it secret - he found it by reading someone else's blog who links to my blog...booo....I liked the secret) so maybe he can give me some input? He's good at that techy, nerdy stuff. HINT HINT...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Swimming With Bicycles

If the title of this entry has attracted your attention, I'm sorry to say you're likely to be let down. This isn't a post about a new tri competition or about a new exercise to tone your abs and buttocks. This entry is about my state of mind.

First and foremost, I must give mad props to the guys at Epic Bikes in McDonough, Georgia. Hands down - these guys are nicer than any other bike dudes I've ever met. As I compose this entry - I'm sorting through the two hours of information (yes, TWO HOURS I was at their shop - and they didn't even try to throw me out once!!!) given to me by Tim and Mike. So, I'll skip the jibber jabber and get right to the problems...

The Overarching Problem - HOW DO I PAY FOR A BIKE??!?! I fear this is going to be one of those financial decisions that my sweet husband and I just can't find a compromise on. That's what happens when you have yin and yang...

The Jamis Quest that I looked at would cost me either $1100.00 for the 2007 model or $1300.00 for the 2008 model. The only difference being the color - a tealish blue and white vs dark blue and white. As a matter of fact - the 2007 may not be an issue b/c I'll have to revisit what size I rode. I may have been looking at a 51 cm and if so, it's too big. So let's go with $1300.00 as a good price point for the Jamis Quest.

At Epic today I checked out (essentially) three different bikes. I actually rode the Specialized Dolce and the Specialized Ruby Comp. BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO IN PRICE...The Dolce comes in around $850.00 and the Ruby Comp is somewhere in the $2400.00 neighborhood. Now - there IS something between - namely, the Dolce Elite, Dolce Comp and Ruby Elite.

Oh...and I bet you want prices on those...Dolce Elite runs about $1250.00, the Dolce Comp comes in at $1600.00 and the Ruby Elite runs about $1950.00. For those of you who must know how they are the pics from cheapest to most:

The Dolce

The Dolce Elite (this is the only bike I didn't ride...I hate the idea of a white bike)

Dolce Comp (ok, I actually didn't ride this one either but this is the cheapest Specialized model with the same components as the Jamis Quest Femme). This is a pretty bike!

And then comes this bike:

And Finally....The Serious bike....The Ruby Comp. This was a sweet ride!!! I actually rode this one with Mike from Epic - he was really sweet and showed me all about shifting.'s what I do know: I DO NOT WANT SORA SHIFTERS...They were uncomfortable and akward to get to. Sora shifters have a little thumb button that I found very difficult to reach. I loved the Ruby Comp, which had Shimano 105 shifters - same as the Jamis Quest. The Specialized Dolce Elite (the red one) has Tiagra shifters which are the same style as the 105s but are considered a step down with regards to quality. If you are following all of this and you've looked at my links, you can see that the price difference in the bikes is absorbed by the shifters alone in most cases even though there are more upgrades between models than just the shifters.

Here's what I don't know: Comp or Triple? If you don't know a lot about bicycles (then you are obviously a family member or friend b/c there is no other reason you'd be reading this...) then I can explain this best by saying a comp (compact) has two chain rings in the front (which loosely translates to gears) and a triple has three (duh!) chain rings in the front. Basically, as it was explained to me...a triple gives you an "in-between" ring for a wider range of gearing possibilities. A triple is also referred to as a granny gear....basically...think of a big hill, with two rings you've got two options for how to climb the hill. With three rings, you've three options for how to get to the top. As Tim explained it to me - at first, I might need a triple so that I have a wide range of options for climbing (w/ speed) up a reasonably steep hill. Later, as I become more competent - I would probably work myself away from needing that gear. I hear a lot of pros and cons/philosophies on "the granny gear". Hopefully I didn't butcher that lesson that too badly...

In the end, I think I love the 105 components and to get straight 105s - I'd have to go with either the Jamis Quest Femme or the Specialized Dolce Comp. There is a $300.00 price difference between the two bikes but VERY similar geometry and other components. As far as looks go...I really don't know that I have a preference. I like the red but it's definitely a more feminine looking bike. I'm not sure if that's a good thing. I'm Woman, hear me meow...but I don't like the stigma of a "chick bike".

And there's always the question...steel vs. aluminum w/ carbon seat stays and fork zerts because that really is the big frame difference between these two bikes. I really like the idea of steel. Steel is said to give a more comfortable ride while aluminum is lighter (although only slightly).

Tim said that Epic bikes is technically still an authorized Jamis dealer...he said he could order me a Jamis if it's what I decide on in the end. I just feel weird asking them to order me something special that they don't typically carry... I guess their willingness to do so is a good indicator of their commitment to their customer's needs.

All in's been a pretty good day of bicycle fun. Now...back to the fundamental do I pay for the bike???

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Horrible Accident Inspires a NOT-SO Lame Gift...

Drunken Driver Plows Into Bike Race

No, this isn't a joke and it wasn't created by a Photoshop master. This is real. Click the link to read more about this horrible accident...

There is nothing I love more in this world than my family and friends. I cherish each and every moment with the love of my life (who I had the good sense to marry a few years back), my two beautiful children, my parents, in-laws and the few and far between that I call "friends". Of these "friends" - there is one that has remained my true companion throughout all of life's ups and downs and I'm proud to call her my very best friend.

My very best friend likes to run. She's currently training for the Peachtree Road Race which happens in Atlanta during the scorching hot month of July. Since she began to train, I've been concerned for her safety while running.

By nature, I am an obsessive person and since becoming a parent, I find that my obsessions often focus on the safety of those that I love (and, well...they've become MUCH more frequent). When I look at the picture above, I can only imagine the horror that the families of these victims must feel. One minute, these guys are enjoying a race - the next, they're dead or injured. Such horrifying events scare me and make me remember how much I love my family and friends. It also makes me think about how to keep them safe.

***DISCLAIMER**** If you are the very best friend I'm talking about (you know who you are!!), STOP HERE and READ NO FURTHER...or if you do...DON'T CLICK THE LINK! You'll have to come back and finish this post later in the week...

Later this week, my best friend will receive a RoadID in the mail - sent by yours truly. I know it's a lame gift, but I sleep better at night knowing that in the event of a emergency - someone will be able to take care of her and contact those who can make medical decisions if necessary.

I'll rest better at night knowing that I've done all I can to protect one of my life's most important treasures - my best friend. Run Hard or Run Home!! I luv ya girl!

P.S. - if you're reading this and you'd like to order a ROADID at a discounted price - please post a comment and I'll gladly share my personal discount code which is good through the end of July. Happy riding (or running) and stay safe!

Geekin' out on Bikes!!

So I emailed Epic Bikes last night to ask about the Bianchi that I posted yesterday and they don't have it in my size...but I'm not sad! Here's why:

Since then I've exchanged probably 5 emails with Tim, the shop owner, and he is so awesome! Well..he could be a total idiot and I wouldn't know it...but he's super nice and super helpful. After our email volley, Time shot me an email with the shop's phone number and asked that I give him a call. We spoke on the phone for about 20 sounded like a bike geek's love affair!! We chatted about the difference in bike measurements and why some companies call a bike a 50 cm when it's really not, we talked about the bike fit process, the mix of components available on different bikes - Jamis vs. Specialized and on and on. I really enjoyed talking to him and he told me about a women's group that has started riding on Thursday evenings at Atlanta Motor Speedway, which is really close to me!! So the bike bug is nibbling a little harder and I'm really Jonesin' (is that how you'd spell that?) for a bike. I plan to stop by Epic and let them give me their take on what size I'd ride, etc. Guess what I liked the best? Two things: 1) They are technically still a Jamis dealer and said they'd be happy to order me a Jamis if I decide it's still what I want...and....2) He spoke about the importance of fitting someone on a bike for comfort and not just for the "component group". His theory (and I bet it's pretty accurate) is that the most important aspect of fitting someone for a bike is to fit them for what fits their price range and make sure they are comfortable instead of trying to fit them on something they can't afford or don't understand. Then, if they find they love cycling, they can sell their "first bike" and save up for that "dream bike". This is in contrast to the last opinion I got which says you should buy a bike for the rider you will be after a year of riding. I get the validity of both...but how in the heck do I know what kind of rider I'll be next year???? Soooooo.... I'm checking my calendar to determine when I can make a trip up to Epic. I like this guy and I really feel like he'll be happy to fit me for a bike that is good for me - regardless of components, price, or "brand".

Oh...and by the are the prospective women's bikes by Specialized that I plan to look at:

Above is the black and pink version (the pink is hard to see but there is two places where there is a little grouping of pink flower looking designs - and a stripe too...I think Dolce is written on the top tube in pink too. Here is someone's homemade shot w/ pink bottle holders - you can see the little pink flower thingies. It's not too girlie is it...?

Okay, so that isn't a great pic but it gives you the right idea....and here is the same bike in yellow and white:

Oh...I forgot the best part....this bike is $300.00 cheaper than the Jamis I looked at!!! Technically, the bike doesn't have as great of components although the ones it has are still considered to be really good Shimano components. It has a mix of the same components that are on the Jamis and components that are slightly "below" those on the Jamis. But all in all...I think it's worth a shot. Thoughts/Comments?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Bikes for the Ladies (that'd be me!)

Am I being too much of a consumer by looking at only WSD or Femme bikes? I'm sure the proof is in the pudding so I need to actually get on the mens vs women's models of the bikes I'm interested in. Sometimes I wonder if things "made for women" are just another way to pitch a sale...instead of actually creating a superior product.

That being said - I know there is a difference between women's and men's bikes (mainly the length of the top tube; the overall geometry is different). I only ponder this because I don't want to limit the "pool" of bicycles available to me by only focusing on bikes for women.

I was taking a look at the website for Epic Bikes in McDonough, GA since it's the closest shop to my home. The first time I was interested in a bike, I stopped by and they tried to sell me a Jamis. At the time, I hadn't heard of Jamis so I was afraid I was being sold something sub par. (yes, you can laugh). Now, they sell Specialized, Scott and Bianchi. There may be others, but I'm sure of these. I mention this b/c I noticed a closeout special on a Bianchi bicycle (go Reynolds steel!!) that comes in a size I can actually ride!!! Here's a photo for all of you visual folks...
This bike is a Bianchi Imola. It's on closeout for around the amount I'd like to spend AND it's a steel bike...which makes me happy! My husband says this bike isn't so ugly...but what does he know - he rides a Sears and Roebuck Free Spirit...

So if you know anything about bicycles...weigh the meantime, I'll plan a trip to Epic Bikes to see whats laying around...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Beautiful things...

THIS BEAUTIFUL BICYCLE is the bike that I took a look at today. My husband says it's ugly but girlie. I don't know how I feel about that...

It's actually the 2007 model of the Jamis Quest Femme, but it's on sale which means I get a better bike than I initially picked (I went there looking for the Jamis Satelitte Femme), for a better price than I expected. Doesn't make it as cheap as the Jamis Satellite Femme but it is $300.00 cheaper than the 2008 Quest model.

This is actually the 2008 model. Not much different, mostly the color.

Last night, I stayed up late doing my homework. This means that I researched bikes until I was cross-eyed and emailing my best friend pages of nonsense about Shimano components and aluminum vs. steel bicycles. Because I wanted to see a Jamis, I knew I'd have to visit Intown Bicycles since they are the only Jamis retailer in the area. Robert Evans was the BEAUTIFUL SALES GUY who helped me out and graciously spent the better part of an hour with me even though I told him upfront that I didn't intend to purchase a bike during my visit. I like that - service - something I haven't always gotten at other LBS. The best thing about this guy (ok, not the best thing...but you get what I mean) is that he worked for a TREK dealer so I actually felt like he knew the both the bike I was there to see (he's a former Jamis he rides something fancy and italian that I can't pronounce) and the one I've yet to see (TREK 2.1 WSD).

I picked out several other accessories, such as shoes, that I really like. One pair actually matched the bike...

I'm pretty happy w/ the 2007 quest. Tomorrow, I plan to head to the TREK store to see how the competition adds up.

Kids Tandem

Kids Tandem
Originally uploaded by richardmasoner
Holy crap...I NEED THIS!!! Can't you just see me, the bug and smiley boy riding to work?!?!?