Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I wish I could type the superman theme song

because that's what I felt like when I was flying down hills on my solo ride tonight!!! THIS BIKE ROCKS...and it flies too!

Had a scary moment w/ a dog - I now know what street NOT to visit when riding...

I looked like a pro w/ my pedals...except for that one moment when I almost fell over and the teenagers in the car nearby laughed at me. Dorks. At least I wasn't sitting on my a&% in a car...

My husband saw me pass by and said I look like a bicycle cop b/c my glasses and helmet are black and I was wearing black bike shorts.

Turns out my saddle isn't so bad afterall...especially when wearing bike shorts. The pedals are awesome, the computer works great and I somehow lost a water bottle. Can't wait to ride tomorrow!!!

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