Thursday, June 5, 2008

Beautiful things...

THIS BEAUTIFUL BICYCLE is the bike that I took a look at today. My husband says it's ugly but girlie. I don't know how I feel about that...

It's actually the 2007 model of the Jamis Quest Femme, but it's on sale which means I get a better bike than I initially picked (I went there looking for the Jamis Satelitte Femme), for a better price than I expected. Doesn't make it as cheap as the Jamis Satellite Femme but it is $300.00 cheaper than the 2008 Quest model.

This is actually the 2008 model. Not much different, mostly the color.

Last night, I stayed up late doing my homework. This means that I researched bikes until I was cross-eyed and emailing my best friend pages of nonsense about Shimano components and aluminum vs. steel bicycles. Because I wanted to see a Jamis, I knew I'd have to visit Intown Bicycles since they are the only Jamis retailer in the area. Robert Evans was the BEAUTIFUL SALES GUY who helped me out and graciously spent the better part of an hour with me even though I told him upfront that I didn't intend to purchase a bike during my visit. I like that - service - something I haven't always gotten at other LBS. The best thing about this guy (ok, not the best thing...but you get what I mean) is that he worked for a TREK dealer so I actually felt like he knew the both the bike I was there to see (he's a former Jamis he rides something fancy and italian that I can't pronounce) and the one I've yet to see (TREK 2.1 WSD).

I picked out several other accessories, such as shoes, that I really like. One pair actually matched the bike...

I'm pretty happy w/ the 2007 quest. Tomorrow, I plan to head to the TREK store to see how the competition adds up.


  1. Does Rob always wear blue gloves? ;-p

    Yay! I'm glad your quest is going well...let me know what you think about the other bike - when are you going to check it out?

    And it's NOT ugly - it's a bike. Bikes are neither ugly nor handsome - they serve a purpose and have colors that either appeal to the eye or not. Heh. They can, I suppose, be feminine or masculine, but I think not without a sparkle basket, bright pink seat, or perhaps a Slim Jim pouch.

  2. I don't think it's ugly either. No, he doesn't always wear gloves, nor does he look at all cute in that pic I posted but it was the best I could do...

    I had hoped to go to the TREK store today but it doesn't look like it'll happen -Amy is here hanging w/ the kids.