Friday, June 27, 2008

Good tire, bad chain...

So I hauled my bike around with me all day today...I had to work and since I didn't know what time I'd be home, I let the bike hitch a ride so it'd be with me to swing by the LBS. As it turns out, I visited the other LBS also known as the "not so LBS". I was 6 miles away and I love that place so I stopped by, brought in my bike, they took a look and said the tire looked just fine - true and all! :) So I took the credit of course, even though I'm sure it's probably on account of the help I solicited from dh. I purchased a locking bike chain b/c as two separate family members pointed out yesterday...I spend a lot of time in "not so safe" places between his shop and my schools, so it might be good to have a way to "lock the bike" to my rack, just in case. So of course, all day today I was paranoid. I went by North Dekalb Mall w/ co-workers for lunch and I was a nervous wreck - afraid I'd come out to find my bike missing. I actually excused myself once during lunch to check on it and ended up moving my car to a parking space near a window in the area of the mall we were sitting in.

Anyway. I did finally go by the real LBS later in the afternoon. I ran an errand for the shop so TSD had Max clean up the apparent mess I had made of my chain by not wiping it down properly the last time I lubed it up.

I'm so glad Bike Mike doesn't read this - I'm sure he has as many lube jokes as rack jokes...

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