Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gimme some Cheese, cause I've got the WHINE covered

I had a great ride tonight - I met up w/ Nina and others to put in some miles at AMS. I had a strong ride for the most part, my speed wasn't what it should be but it was a "group" ride so I wasn't focused on speed (well, not entirely..how can you ride a road bike and not think about speed? I mean...come on! So I though about it a little...).

I called it quits after 25.09 mi with an average speed of 16.39mph including two stops - one to help someone and one to grab a different pair of gloves.

The problem? I was riding w/ a new set of gloves that I bought last week. The padding in the palm was awesome but they were cutting of the circulation between my pointer and middle finger from shortly after I put them on. I managed about 16 miles before I headed back to the car to see what the heck was happening to my fingers. I changed over to my old gloves and headed back out. I felt immediate relief...which allowed me to think about the pain in my neck and shoulders...

Nina said I looked "stretched out"...I wish I could ride with someone w/ experience who could tell me if my riding position is unproductive. I feel fairly comfortable except for the neck and shoulders but I'm chalking that up to using muscles that I don't use all of the time - and b/c I'm just getting comfortable with this bike - I'm thinking tense muscles might be a factor too.

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