Saturday, June 21, 2008

Look at my Kick A&% Blog Header!

My husband kicks tail - have I ever mentioned that? He created this new blog header and rearranged all of my colors and fonts so they'd be a little more "me"! WOOHOO! I especially love the way the bike silhouette is almost the same color as the "pistachio" on my Jamis!! (don't get me started on that either - I scratched the skin off of a pistachio and it IS NOT the color of my bike...I think it should have been called mint mojito! But I digress...)

Isn't it great to have someone who loves you? It's even cooler when he's an artist!

To see more of his work - check his blog - he does commissions if anyone is interested . His blog has been idle for a while and I hardly find the recent stuff to be a good indication of his talent - dig around a little for the picture he painted of our daughter - you'll fall off your chair!

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