Saturday, February 21, 2009

Stage 7, Santa Clarita to Pasadena - Photos from MillCreek Summit

Today I watched stage 7 from MillCreek Summit in Acton California. The Summit was the location of today's KOM and is located about 20 minutes from my sister's house where I'm staying:

A shot of the breakaway group as they climb to the top of MillCreek Summit. From Left to Right: Hayden Roulston of Cervelo Test Team, Chris Baldwin is in the front (Rock Racing), The yellow bar tape/glove off Chris Baldwin's right is George Hincapie, the RaboBank rider is Pieter Weening, and the SaxoBank rider is Frank Schleck.

George Hincapie and Pieter Weening as they top MillCreek Summit. They were among the top 5 over the summit who received KOM points.

Lance was at the front of the Peloton as he Climbs to the top of MillCreek Summit - I can't believe I got such a great shot! He was having a conversation (yes, a conversation) with the quickstep rider beside him. I'm not exactly sure who that Quickstep rider is (anyone recognize him?)

Francisco Mancebo (in the red TOC jersey) as he topped MillCreek Summit, just before his big crash.

A shot of the support cars coming through behind the riders.

I had an amazing time - It was awesome to just stand along the side of the road and see all of the crazy people running around w/ their bodies painted, roller bladers climbing the summit, people w/ tables set up eating wine and cheese....I even saw three dudes who threw out a sofa to watch the race:

I don't know that I'll attend tomorrow's stage - I want to spend some time with my sister and her kids since they've been kind enough to allow me to stay with them throughout my trip. Either way - I've had an amazing time - probably the best gift I could have ever given myself. I'll never forget such a fantastic trip!

Tour of California, Stage 6: Solvang Time Trial

No time to chat - here are some of the photos I got yesterday while watching the Time Trial at Solvang:

George Hincapie

Jens Voigt

Mr. Livestrong Himself!

Levi Leipheimer

Mark Cavendish

Christian Vandevelde

David Zabriskie

Francisco Mancebo

Frank Schleck

George Hincapie Cools Down after his TT

Bauke Mollema

Me and Carlos Sastre - 2008 Winner of the Tour de France!! I got
his autograph too!!!

I'm off to Millcreek Summit - the highest point of Stage 7 - Santa Clarita to Pasadena! Wish you were here....XOXOXOXO

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why I hate IE

Do you see the annoying blue line on my blog?

I only use IE on one computer - I forget that the line exists when I use the more superior browsers but then I log on from the laptop blood pressure goes up.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Because it'd be an easy bike to pawn...

Someone thought it'd be a good idea to break into Lance Armstrong's van and steal his TT bike. What are the chances that this could be pawned without anyone knowing whose it is....??

It's one of a kind...