Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Centurion at last!

Today started early. 4:50a.m. to be exact. I'm an early bird but even 4:50 is pushing it a little for me!

I began my day w/ oatmeal, my favorite pre-ride meal - had a cliff bar just before getting to the ride and a diet coke (the coke was for after the ride but I forgot my coffee). I was pleased to see that it wasn't pouring down rain and that the forecast was now showing no rain until close to 11:00 or 12:00.

At the start I connected with Leslie - a fellow Sorella with a flair for endurance rides. Nina McKellar called to wish me good luck, Orinthia gave the centurians a hug for luck and another nearby Sorella pinned my number to my jersey. Leslie promised it wouldn't rain since she had actually remembered her raincoat and outfitted her Garmin with a plastic baggie. Before I knew it, we were on our way. The 50-75 centurians stayed together as a pack for the first 10 miles before the group began to string out into little clusters. Leslie and I stayed near the back - my only goal, I joked, was to make it home in time for dinner! Secretly, I was hoping to end up with a 17 average, little to no sunburn and enough energy to drive myself home!

The first 30 miles passed with little significance. We blew past the first stop which had a very cool Roswell bikes maintenance bus for those needing technical assistance. We weaved through Fayette County and made our way into Peachtree City for our first stop. The selection of Lara bars and fruit was a nice treat and all of the volunteers were nice and friendly. The stop was pretty good...until I pulled out of the parking lot to see a cyclist peeing on the porta john. Not in the porta john...ON the porta john. Go figure - I guess he couldn't wait?

The next 20 miles brought a sprinkle of rain, some nice rollers and a hilarious set of mailboxes - one down low marked "mail" and one way up high marked "bills". It gave me a giggle. I got a surprise at the 50 mile SAG stop - my blackberry was in by back pocket and it had chimed to indicate an email so while I was waiting for Lesley to use the porta john (I was so glad she decided not to pee on it!), I decided to check the time and saw that the email was an auto message indicating that Scott, my friend and cycling mentor (ha! that means I text him at random hours with stupid bike related questions...) had made a NICE donation to my campaign! w00t! Over $750.00 dollars raised!!! I grinned - and was happy to be riding, even in the rain.

Somewhere over the next 15 miles I passed Mark, Konnie and Beth completing the metric option. They all seemed happy and strong and we all cheered for each other like we hadn't seen each other in ages!

The next sag stop was manned by none other than McDonough's very own John Cheaves, manager of our local Trek store! Yay for John! I chatted with him for a moment and headed back to the road. Leslie and I only stayed together for another 5 miles or so - at mile 70, we got pretty far apart and the sky opened up and bathed us with rain. I finished the last 30 alone - but had a blast doing it. I didn't experience that "horrible feeling" everyone told me to expect at mile 80 and when I came in 5 hours and 50 minutes after I began, I felt great!

At the finish, I had a couple of adorable surprises waiting - Clint, Julia and Aaron were there to cheer me in. I've got pictures to post later - just imagine my son w/ pom poms and my daughter with those ridiculous hand clapper/noise makers. Clint assures me that not only did Aaron clap as I came in, he also clapped for every other passing cyclist, car and bird that went by!

I've gotta give a shout out to the Palmetto Police Department. Just before approaching Palmetto Elementary, there's a big ugly hill. It probably really isn't very big but at mile 90, it seemed pretty big! As I climbed my way up, I could sense a car behind me. I stuck my hand out and waived the car around. Seconds later a loud speaker came on and said "I know, I know. Just keep pumping - you're doing great!" When I topped the hill, Mr. Palmetto Police office said "Good job" and came around us give us 3 feet of space as he cruised by! I can't tell you how great it feels to be supported by the local law enforcement, especially after the Stone Mountain Park debacle.

Again, I owe a HUGE thank you to all of you who were so supportive of my fundraising and training efforts. I love riding more than I can express and this was a wonderful opportunity for me to support a great cause while taking part in something I am so passionate about. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping me be part of something so wonderful!

It's time!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

On the eve of my first century

I want to take a moment to say a huge thank you to a number of people who have provided monetary support to the American Diabetes Association by supporting me as I ride the Tour de Cure tomorrow morning in Tyrone, Georgia. In honor of my dad Ralph Sellers, an individual living with Diabetes, I will ride my bike 100 miles tomorrow and I have raised over $600.00 in donations. The following people have made a generous contribution to my campaign (in no specific order):

Ann Sellers, the best mom ever
Clint Smith, my husband
Lesley Tucker, the best boss ever
Sandi de St Aubin, sister to the best boss ever
Desiree Woods, my awesome co-worker and mentor
Ernestine Cooper, another awesome co-worker
Karen Baumann, the best administrative assistant in the whole world
Kymberly Travis (you'll always be "travis" to me...), a long time awesome co-worker and friend
Kymberly Clark, another awesome co-worker
Jacqueline Sparks, another awesome co-worker and friend
Brenda Herrington, awesome triathlete, cycling role model and friend
Ken Barbret, awesome cyclist and friend
Sorella Cycling (from our awesome fundraiser at Atlanta Brewing Company!!!)
American Transportation (Thanks Danny Eldridge!)
Nina Mackellar, an awesome Sorella member and Tour de Cure teammate
Dave Ruddell, co-worker of my mom at Pax Industries

From the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Tomorrow's forcast isn't looking so pretty but I'm committed to showing my support of the American Diabetes Association and all that they do for individuals with diabetes. Please keep me and all of Team Sorella in your thoughts as we ride in support of our loved ones.

Btw - if you just hadn't gotten around to making a donation, there's still time!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Max Futral

#3 & 4 Pics 108
Originally uploaded by GEORGIA CUP
Max, who kicks butt all of the time, managed to break a chain at the start, have it repaired, do his TT and still make the podium!

Mike Roby

#3 & 4 Pics 065
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At the Georgia cup Time Trial (#4) in Juliette, GA, Mike takes off to search for Manatees!


#3 & 4 Pics 074
Originally uploaded by GEORGIA CUP
I look like a dork...but here I am, riding my Specialized for the very first time at the Georgia Cup Time Trial #4 in Juliette, Georgia. This photo was taken just after I took off from the starting point. IMHO - the only good thing about this photo is the muscle in my right arm.

Doug Delzell

#3 & 4 Pics 068
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Doug's start at the Georgia Cup Time Trial (#4) in Juliette, Georgia. Doug was wearing a specially designed, cotton jersey - LOL!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Speed Weaponry or Scare Tactic?

Anyone ever notice that a rider on a disc wheel sounds a little like the approach of the end of the world? I'm sure these things are fantastic and worth every penny of their insane cost but can't they figure out how to make them quieter??? I'm convinced their sole purpose is more scare tactic than aerodynamics.