Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This Just In...M.O.M. is on vacation...WOOHOO!

kudos to you if you know whose current post my current post resembles...don't look at the blogs I read - cheater.

M.O.M. doesn't stand for "mom" even though, yes, I am a mom to two glorious children.

Say prayers for me, I'm taking a 5 hour plane ride on Wednesday a.m. w/ my 17 month old...I must have been on crack when I booked my tickets.

More posts when I return...


  1. Have a safe and awesome flight sweet girl!!!! I love you!!


  2. p.s. Can I point out that I don't like this post? I feel like the whole thing's in code and I don't have the secret decoder ring.

    It's hot as heck here, and I've got my bike with me to ride home...ug. I brought sweat pants with me...I might melt.

    Was is really 108 when you landed? hope you all are having fun!!!xoxoxo

  3. In LA it was actually quite cool - VERY nice weather - spoke to Amy and she said it's cold in San Clemente (at the beach). CA is weird like that - you can travel 60 miles and the temp changes 40 degrees. Up in Palmdale (where we are staying-where Steph lives) its currently 108 degress at 4:38 pm CA time. It's a different sort of hot - there isn't humidity - it's very dry.

  4. I hope you're home - I miss you so much it hurts.

    Can't wait to see a photo-logged blog about your trip!!!