Thursday, July 3, 2008

And then there were four... this post is really late - gimme a break - I've been busy! Rewind back to last Wednesday...

After some butt-kickin' from my BFF, I returned to the B group ride tonight although I stayed back and road with TSD, Kristen, Mark and Bentley for "B" group. The ride was awesome and I was able to keep up with no problems. w00t w00t!

So the real "story" comes in as we were enjoying about 17.5mph down South Hampton Rd., about .2mi before hitting Hwy 20. Tim and Kristen were pulling us along with myself and Bently in the middle - Mark was pulling up the rear. All of a sudden I heard a groan, thud, yelp, crashing sound! I swung my head around to see Mark sprawled out along South Hampton Rd. To the side...a brown down was running up the drive to the nearest house. We convinced Mark to lay still a moment until we examined and helped him up. He was lucky - he took the fall to his shoulder and had minor road rash but you could really tell he was hurting-I'm sure he hurt like hell when woke up this morning. Turns out the dog came at him - barking - went for his leg. When the dog was unable to grab hold, he cut in front of Mark's bike and felt the impact of a 230lb man going about 17.5mph on a really nice Bianchi. We made a police report and spoke to the owners - Mark refused an ambulance but we called another rider from an earlier group who was able to drive out and pick up Mark and his bike. The damage hasn't been fully assessed - there was a scratch on the top tube of the frame and he snapped 6 or 8 spokes where he made impact with the dog-hopefully it's only the spokes and not the rim. Here's a photo I was able to get w/ my blackberry:

Poor Mark, poor dog, poor dog's owner. When the officers arrived, it turned out that one was Sergeant Brady - a customer of the LBS. The owner will be ticketed since we have fairly strict leash laws in our county and they'll force the owner to take care of the dog or else... Because of the police report - Mark's damage is covered. Hopefully the dog owner will keep her dog pinned up/leashed up in the future.

After the whole debacle, Bentley rode up beside me and said "now you've got something good for your blog..." Bentley - do you read my blog? How'd you know I have a blog??? :)

As a side note...a dragonfly landed on Phil's head after our ride and it looked pretty cool...I managed to get a photo of that too!

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  1. Yes I read your blog. I saw that you had one in your SCC profile. By the way what is "LBS" mean for the bike shop.


  2. local bicycle shop. I spend entirely too much time on forums/message boards, etc. and it's something I picked up along the way. Glad to know there is someone out there reading this besides my best friend and my husband! LOL! Enjoy!

  3. "Glad to know there is someone out there reading this besides my best friend..."

    Whatevs. I'm your biggest fan. Don't make me won't like me when I'm angry...

    ...this is where I would insert a picture of Lou Ferrigno if this stupid blog site would let me insert pictures with html code...GRRRRRRR