Sunday, July 20, 2008

So Portland is the bike-friendliest city....?

Recently, Forbes released the ten top bike-friendly cities.

Am I the only one who read this story? How about this one???

I've always heard that Portland is a great place to bike...perhaps the motorists are feeling the need for some extra attention?!


  1. This is the best part of both articles:
    "His statement may have included profanity, he told police."

    "So what happened after you saw him speed past you?"

    "Well, I told him we all share the road and to please be more careful when driving. It was either that or 'Hey you blanking blank head! Slow the blank down or I'll blank your blank in the blankity blank!!' It was definitely one of the two...there might have been profanity."

  2. LOL...I thought the same thing. I also kind of thought the guy had it coming....he did MAKE IT A POINT to tell the guy he was making people look bad...

  3. I think we need to understand two very important lessons from these stories:

    1. Don't ride a bike if there's a chance you might pass a car.
    2. Don't drive a car if there's a chance you might pass a bike.

    Agoraphobia will fix everything.