Monday, July 7, 2008

Possible Routes to Work..

I'm doing this commute by bicycle thing...

What I need from you guys are comments and suggestions. I feel fairly comfortable w/ the Toney and Kelley Lake routes - even the one that follows Candler all the way. My concern is the Indian Creek to "EDC" (that's my office - East Dekalb Campus)along Memorial Drive and the Doraville Station to Pleasantdale Elementary. I know Memorial well and I see bikes - but it's very high traffic. Doraville to Pleasantdale I don't know at all - I literally plugged in the addresses and used Google maps to tell me how to get there. This will be a new location for me this fall so I'm not exactly sure what the traffic patterns are like although my mom works off of Jimmy Carter and used to work off of Pleasantdale which are in that general area. I do know that those are high traffic/very congested areas. I do have one more option for the Pleasantdale Elem. commute - I could ride w/ mom to Jimmy Carter and commute from that direction. Doesn't change much - similar distance, similar traffic. Needles to say - I don't think hubby likes the idea...but I am confident in my ability to ride on the road and I ain't skeered (as the locals would say)...

Any Atlantans out there that wanna comment? I really wanna do this... I will ride all routes before I return to work for the fall (which is..sniff about 3 weeks...)

Here are the routes... I would drive (most likely) to the East Point Marta Station - take my bike on the train and then proceed using these routes:

Decatur Station to Toney Elementary

Decatur Station to Toney Elementary option #2

Indian Creek Station to EDC via Memorial Dr.

Decatur Station to Kelley Lake Elementary

Doraville Station to Pleasantdale Elementary


  1. Well, as a commuter I'd have to say that I think your third option is the most realistic...hahahah just kidding I have no idea what I'm talking about.

    I can say that, as a one-day rider, I hope to be back on that bike again tomorrow morning so kudos to you for doing it, but I think the only way to figure out which route will be the best is to test ride them exactly around the time you plan to ride them when school starts back.

  2. Thats the plan....after vacation, of course! Good luck w/ your commute and be safe while I'm gone.