Tuesday, July 22, 2008


My Best Friend has a mountain bike and she'd really like to ride to and from work and just keep up with me on hills...LOL. So I met her in Hapeville last night for a neighborhood ride. We had a great time and as I recall, only had the horn blown at us once! That's a feat when you're two reasonably attractive females in spandex - unfortunately, I suspect the vehicle blew their horn under the assumption that I didn't realize they were behind us.

After our ride, I convinced Heather that beer is absolutely the best "after-ride" beverage so we headed up to the local bistro for a beer (or four?). It was there that we crossed paths with Thomas who remembered Heather from her days as a camera salesman..ahem..woman but didn't recognize me despite our several conversations at the LBS. Shame on Thomas. Anywho...he bought our beer so I forgive him for not recognizing me w/ a handkerchief on my head while wearing spandex....

So what I don't know a lot about is tires and Heather needs something versatile for road riding that will fit her mountain bike. Any suggestions? If figure if she can pull off 11 miles on a mountain bike that I might be able to make a roadie out of her afterall!


  1. Christie, It was great crossing paths with you and Heather at Perk Place. What a small world. I sort of recognized you. Actually I do remember the conversation about the most obnoxious customer at Epic.

    I have the tires and tubes that heather needs. I can either give them to you down here or she can meet me at Perk Place. Just send me an email (its on that card)or a private message on the SSC site.

    Heather was right, that is a great picture of you.

    See ya on the road,

  2. Opps - sory I misspelled your name

  3. Thats okay Thomas - misspelling my name is the story of my life! :) I was teasing about forgetting my name anyway!

    I was planning to shoot you an email but spent most of yesterday asleep after work w/ a bad headache. Heather will be thrilled to hear about the tires and I'll probably pick them up for her since you and I live close to each other. Perhaps we can work out a ride soon and I can just get them then?

    I discovered you know my husband's aunt...it occurred to me as I drove home from Perk Place that you said you work for Coke in IT and so does his aunt - I asked about you and she said she did know you but not well - her name is Lisa Tittle. Talk about small world!

  4. Yay! Heather is thrilled to hear about the tires!

    Thanks for hanging out with us, Thomas!!!