Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Patience is not a virtue I was given.. OR... Things you probably DIDN'T want to know.

1) I don't like feeling bad. It makes everything else bothering me seem worse and the good things that DO exist in my life seem to be shrouded by heavy flannel or a corneal ulcer...

2) When I want something, I typically wanted it yesterday. I make decisions after much thought. To some, it may seem that my decisions are impulsive when the truth is that when I have a decision to make, I pool all of my resources and focus on the decision I have to make until my mind is set. This is different from the way that others attempt to think on something, put it to rest, think about it again the following day, etc. etc. I don't like unfinished business so I make decisions as I face them and then move on. I am more frustrated than you can imagine when I am not able to make decisions because I'm waiting on others to make decisions that impact my decisions.

3) I am a planner. I like to prepare in advance and be ready for all things. This includes work, children's birthday parties, dinner, the weekend, trips, etc. I used to think this was a bad thing that meant I was obsessive. Now I think its a good thing that confirms that I am obsessive.

4) I need stability. For this reason, I do not wear high heels daily. I also need to know that my life is going in a solid direction where there is a foreseeable (and preferably desirable) future.

5) I enjoy the occasional opportunity to leave reality and visit a lifestyle that really isn't mine. This means I enjoy dinner alone or in places I can't typically afford, shopping for furniture I have no where to put, driving through neighborhoods in which I'll never live and reading about people who live in and travel to places I'll probably never see.

If life is what you make it, could someone please tell me the recipe?!


  1. I feel strangely honored to know that I knew every single one of these things about you.

    I'm bad at recipes, or I'd help you out.

    They say the recipe for Sprite is lemon and lime, but there's more to it than that.
    "Hey, want some more homemade Sprite?"
    "Not till you tell me what the &^%$ else is in it!"

    Rest in peace, Mitch Hedberg.

  2. I know I am the opposite of many of these things, and that it causes you frustration, but I love you and care about you more than my stunted communication skills could ever really convey.