Monday, October 20, 2008

I ate my Wheaties or... Why I'm sad the fall is here...

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love the changing leaves and brisk temperatures of autumn. This year, for the first time, I'm sad to see the colder air arrive. Just when I'm starting to be where I want to be, it's time for my cycling group to disband. I hope I find a winter training ride.

Tonight I broke my personal record. I typically don't ride on Mondays but because it was Phil's birthday, I arranged to skip soccer to celebrate with other club members at La Parilla. I'm glad I decided to ride because for a 27.04 mile ride, I averaged 19.48 mph. It felt nice to listen to the guys talk about my strength and high five me each time we pulled aside to wait for the slower riders...

As Mark H. would say, I ate my Wheaties today.

Truth is - I needed to blow off some steam. There are several crazy things happening in my life right now and I find that my head is much clearer after a ride. Sometimes my anger becomes power - I think that's the truth of what happened tonight. Either way, I'll take it.

As a side note, I need to comment on a tidbit of sadness - please keep "fat cyclist" (aka Elden) in your prayers - his wife Susan is struggling with cancer. If you are interested in learning more, check the sidebar and look for my link to his blog. Hands down, it's my favorite daily read.


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