Friday, October 24, 2008

Come take a ride on a roller coaster...

My week in Summary:

Monday - my daughter's school called and I had to go and get her. I won't elaborate on this - if you know, you know.....but lets just say its my greatest source of frustration right now. I spend about 80% of my time thinking about the situation. If you are getting calls or texts from me, feel privileged because I'm spending my only remaining time w/ you on my mind. Heather, Clint, Chris, Tim, Ann and others - I love you guys - you keep me sane (well, most of you do...LOL). I also elected to ride and celebrate Phil's birthday - I really needed the break.

Tuesday - a fairly normal day by most standards...busy at work but nothing too exciting filled my day. It was a good day. Bizarre that a good day for me lately is one where nothing happens. Had strange dreams involving random people and a visit to the circus???

Wednesday - A pretty good day. I rode w/ a mix of A and B groupers and surprised a few folks. I've had a lot of comments lately on my improvement and the possibility that I can ride w/ A in the spring if I keep it up. I averaged 19.8 for the ride, including the slow laps I made around the parking lot before we pulled out. This makes me feel good. Stayed after the ride w/ Tim planning the Tim and Cristy Dog and Pony Show, aka FHF Century. I've been made "Director of Sanitation"...which I think means I get to deal with the shit and bull-shitters....

Thursday - Busy, long and productive. Met the Divas for Margaritas at La Parilla. Yes, my third dinner at La Parilla in a week. Strange, I know. The Margarita was huge and awesome - we had lots of fun and undoubtedly we'll do it again. It's nice to ignor the real world, even if just for a few hours each week.

Friday - Any good I had in the week went out the window. I woke up w/ eye issues. I figured something was just under my contact so I cleaned it and put back in only to find the irritation worse. I changed to glasses and proceeded to go to work (the state DOE is monitoring our system next week and guess who has schools on the list to be visited and I needed to "clean up" some stuff). With every hour, my eye got worse. I made a 2:00 appt to have my eye looked at. By 11:00, I called and begged to be seen sooner but was told 2:00 was it. I finished work and headed home to change. As I zipped up my jeans, my husband called to tell me that my daughter's school called. To make a long story short - the principal and I had a not so positive or agreeing conversation. I pretty much made it clear that I wasn't coming to get my daughter and I'm ready to look at other schools. I proceeded to the doctor to have my eye looked at. By this time, I was convinced that I had pink eye....instead I "most likely" have a herpetic ulcer in my eye. Yep, thats gross but it's can get the equivalent of a mouth ulcer in your eye and the doctor thinks that I "probably" have one. All I know is my eye hurts so bad I've considered just cutting it out and I've prayed and told God that I'd have 4 more children if he'd just make it stop. God reminded me that I'm not able to have more children so I'll just have to deal w/ the eye gunk. For those of you who know how big my children were at birth, you understand that I'm in a LOT of pain. Dr. put me on meds and told me to come back Monday so she can see if it has progresed or diminished...if it has diminshed then it wasn't an ulcer and if it's gotten worse or stayed the same, she'd put me on a steroid to treat the ulcer. I'm concerned that that means my eye could potentially get worse this weekend. Most of you know I'm supposed to ride a metric this weekend... I spent most of the afternoon shut up in the darkest room I could find and cried over my kid. It's been a rough day and a fairly bad week.

Here's to a better Saturday and Sunday.

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  1. Girl...when it rains it snows...or pours...I'm really bad with sayings.

    I hope your eyeball gets better soon. xoxo