Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pardon the Interruption: 25 things you always wanted to know about me but refused to ask..

1) I'm an Aries and my birthday is April 6th.
2) My favorite place to ride a bike is anywhere there is someone willing to ride with me. I love people and getting to know others - the world is full of many different personalities.
3) I have three degrees and I'm sure I'll finish a fourth someday. I love to learn and I think schooling is a necessary evil.
4) I have exactly one best friend and a million acquaintances.
5) I think digital communication is almost the most awesome invention. I prefer to type my thoughts and feelings because I can revise. Verbal conversations run the risk of all sorts of complicating factors such as tone of voice, innuendo, slip of the tongue, etc. Sometimes though, I admit that I find the permanence of digital communication annoying - especially when you write something you regret. Bloggers understand this...
6) I am extremely impulsive which has apparently been genetically transmitted to at least one of my children. It's probably the worst trait I could have given - that and chubby thighs.
7) I never want to grow old with anyone other than those I love the most. I love those that "get" me despite my idiosyncrasies.
8) My favorite color is either green, blue, red or brown but I haven't decided which one. I've been working on it since kindergarten but it's the hardest decision I've ever made.
9) My favorite food and drink is any food or drink shared with others. If I'm alone - my favorite drink is Pinot Noir, Chianti or a Diet Coke.
10) My favorite sound is the rain as it drops to the ground. Some of my fondest memories involve rain and I find that I dream about rain in association with things that are important to me.
11) My favorite game is probably scrabble...or poker. But I really stink at both.
12) My favorite article of clothing is a pair of blue jeans. A close second is a pair of boots.
13) I have one sibling who lives in California. She decided to run while I decided to be the hero and stay close to home. I am really re-evaluating the definition of "hero".
14) I have two dogs - both are miniature dachshunds. Spikey is a black and tan male and Shelby is a red female. Both are neurotic and I love them anyway.
15) I make fantastic snickerdoodle cookies.
16) I have a lizard tattooed on my shoulder!
17) I love a wide variety of music - most important to me is that I can relate to the message.
18) I have gone through periods of my life where I don't like chocolate. This is not one of those periods.
19) My favorite flower is the sunflower although cherry blossoms are a close second.
20) I'm not a girlie girl but I do love jewelry. There is no gift more exciting than a carefully thought out piece of jewelry.
21) For the most part - I don't care for tomatoes.
22) I am more afraid of failure than snakes, bears or car accidents.
23) I start most every morning w/ a Venti, non-fat, no foam, 4 splenda latte from Starbucks.
24) I love soccer almost as much as cycling but I'm not nearly as good a it (which means I really stink...)
25) I have a freckle between my second and third toes on my right foot. It's actually on the side of my second toe - making it fall between the second and third toe.

And there you have it folks - everything you ever wanted to know about me. I'm not special - nothing out of the ordinary. If there are additional questions that I didn't cover, please submit them as a comment and I'll do my best to answer in a timely manner (ya know, considering my blog receives so many comments that I have a hard time keeping up...).

You may now return to your regularly scheduled daily functions.

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  1. I'm not sure why, but this just made my day. I heart you and #4 just earned you a date.