Thursday, January 15, 2009

What's Up: A few quickies...

1) Less Rides + More Work + bad weather = grumpiness and unhappiness. This sums up my current mental state.

2) It occurred to me recently that my birthday isn't really that far away... In honor, I created this:

3) I got a Garmin 305 and, so far, it has been the greatest and worst thing that's happened to me in a long time. Makes me want to ride...but also makes me analyze my performance. The end result? Cristy needs to ride more, work harder and get better.

4) On the home front: I got good news today. If you're in the loop then you know...if you don't know and want to - ask. Also - #1 seems to love her new school and things are going well!

5) I am bike crazy and want a new bike so bad that I have dreams about carbon fiber. I don't know whether to just fork it over and get over the cost or wait a year, train harder on the bike I have, and then get one. Of course, being the type of person who likes instant gratification, I, of course, want it now. The reasonable side of me (stop laughing) says to wait. The whole problem with me being barely over 5 foot tall complicates this whole situation quite a bit as well.

6) As of this morning, I have lost 17 pounds since November 22nd. This was much needed weight loss and it has helped my self-esteem considerably. Unfortunately, I still have lots of work to do and I'm a little sad because some of the damage of child bearing just can't be fixed in the gym.

7) Speaking of children, my beautiful son will be 2 on Monday. I can't believe it was that long ago (already!) that I gave birth to ginormous (I love this word but darn if I know how to spell it...) baby #2. You'd have thought I'd have called it quits after #1!! In case you are wondering, there will NEVER be a #3. And I'm very comfortable using the word "never".

More later...


  1. So uh, this is awkward...but I'm apparently not in the loop. What's the good news?

  2. the countdown clock doesnt seem to be working, its all zeros

  3. cool cool fairy fixed my clock. Thanks blog fairy!

  4. Hey! I don't have anything witty (or not witty to for that matter)to say, just wanted you to know that I'm up to date on your blog now.

  5. I wondered what was up...the weather will improve and so will you; Patience is what you need. You've come a long way and your passion is evident.