Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A little more info - so you can choose from more than color...

The 2009 Trek Madone 5.5:

**Comes in my size (47cm - has a 49.4 ETT length)
**SRAM Force
**Bontrager Speed Limit breaks
**Wheels: Bontrager Race Lite
**Shown w/ stock color but is customizable for an additional charge. Other models come in different stock colors but have different components. The next step up comes w/ Dura Ace and is red and white. Components are also customizable for an additional charge and additional "build" time.
**no indications as to whether the frameset only is available
$4619.99 MSRP as built w/ SRAM Force

In my mind - this is actually the forerunner...TSD would die...

The 2009 Ruby Pro:

**Comes in my size (48cm - 50.6 cm ETT length)
**SRAM Red w/ SRAM Force front derailleur
**SRAM Force breaks
**Wheels: Roval Roubaix SL
**This is the only color option.
**Frameset only option is available in the expert line - color is gloss white/red, MSRP on frameset only is $1900.00
$5,000.00 MSRP as built w/ SRAM Red

The 2009 Orbea Diva (in a different color - for Vinny):

**Comes in my size (46cm - 50.2 ETT length) but I'd have to drop to 650c...Or I could go to a 48cm which would give me a 51 ETT length.
**Numerous component options from SRAM Rival to Campy Super Record
**Wheels: Mavic Ksyrium SL on Dura Ace model, Zipp 202 on SRAM Red, Reynolds Solitude on SRAM Rival
**Color options include black/white, pink/black (shown above), pistaschio/black (which looks pretty lime-ish to me), blue/black.
**Frameset only available for $2499.00
$4204.00 MSRP for Ultegra SL, $5999.00 MSRP for Dura Ace, $7069.00 MSRP for SRAM Red

Here's the skinny on size and components: I currently ride a 51 cm WSD (51.5 ETT length). After my recent 3D fit, TSD and I are both pretty confident that this is too big for me. I'm looking for something w/ a 50ish ETT length so I am paying close attention to geometry as I look at bikes. I really believe these three are my top picks - I looked closely at a Tarmac but the 49cm (smallest size) is actually slightly larger than what I currently ride. ETT length can be compensated for in small increments with things like the length of your stem - my Jamis currently has a 60mm stem (yes, they come that small...). So I'm at the longest top tube I can have and am compensating w/ the shortest stem I can find. This works but with no room for adjustment. Regarding components - I REALLY think I want SRAM Red but I need a longer test ride on Dura Ace and SRAM Force and Red to be certain. Campy has it's followers but it's REALLY expensive and I don't know enough to have a clear opinion. I do know that finding a LBS to work on Campy can sometimes be difficult just b/c some of the tool requirements are different and there tends to be a lack of Campy expertise among most typical LBS. These bikes are pretty close to being what I want and, for the most part, fall in the same basic price range. I'd love to stay under $5,000.00 if possible when I make my next purchase but I'm not willing to sacrifice my happiness with the product just to save a couple of hundred dollars. I'm awfully tempted to go the frameset route and try to build my own over time. Right now..whole bike - I'd be going w/ Trek unless I could get a fantastic Specialized deal. Frameset only - Orbea or Specialized. For overall looks - Orbea and Trek get the award.

BTW - I inadvertedly deleted about 4 comments from my blog...sorry 'bout that.


  1. So uh, I skipped over the parts I didn't understand, and I'm left with three prices and my name. And I noticed one was pink. Which one makes you go the fastest? I vote for that one. Or the pink one cuz my name's over it.

  2. Wow, I didn't realized they were all in this range. I must have been looking at the wrong stuff. At any rate, I know it's you that has to make the final decission, but unfortunately, I think I'm in with you on your first pick. I know that will seem uncomfortable with your club president. You won't be disappointed with whatever you get. I know that for me, I wouldn't trade my Tarmac for any other bike, so 6 of one, half dozen on the other. Good Luck!