Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ladies night out - and Ken and Fred

Last night the ladies of Southern Crescent Cycling met for dinner and drinks at La Parrilla Mexican restaurant. As with any "ladies event", the night isn't complete without a few of our favorite fellas so Ken and Fred joined in! Below are a few shots from the evening:

Belinda (Fionna's daughter) and Melanie (Ken's daughter): The youngest additions to our group!

Belinda stole my heart and we had a great time going through my purse, playing with balloons, eating teddy grahams and playing patty cake!

Ken and his beautiful wife Zuzana get close for a photo!

Awwwww....Fred and Ann huddle up for a great picture!

A group shot: (From left to right) Molly, Me, Marina, Heather (up a little), Belinda, Fionna and Ann

There was considerable discussion about what to name our ladies group since we've agreed to let "diva" die....

My Best Friend in the whole wide world, Heather. aka Vinny or 4get2remember...

Awesome guy #1 (Ken) who I was lucky enough to sit across from

Marina - who BETTER be back riding with us this summer...

Molly (who will undoubtedly be ticked that I managed to get a photo of her)

Ann - my faithful riding companion (except for today...LOL) and other "best friend".

Fionna - future winner of Ironman Kona!!

Last but not least, awesome guy #2: Fred - who looks after us all!


  1. Yay! I had a great time with everyone last night...

    I'm going to try to post pics from my camera...problem is I only have pics of the two of us. About twenty pics, but just us nonetheless...

  2. I made the internet on someone elses blog. I'm famous now! Had a great time. Thanks!

  3. Great pics. thanks for posting.
    ann (aka Elder Berry)