Sunday, December 14, 2008


This one:

Jet Fluid Pro

VS this one:

Fluid 2

or this one:


What would you choose? Do I really need the Jet Fluid Pro? Is the Fluid 2 REALLY that much quieter than the Magneto? I've found pretty good deals on all three.... Do I need the climbing block or is the wheel stabilizer enough? Should I get a mat - it'll be on carpet most likely...

I'd love your input...


  1. I think Magneto sounds like a really cool super hero's name, so I'd go for that one.

  2. Actually, looking at your pictures, I believe I have the Fluid 2 and like it well. I'm not sure about the Pro as I don't know what he upgrades are. The fluid is quite and you should get the climbing block. Good luck, but aren't you planning on winning the grand prize for the epic contest?!

  3. Oh yeah! I'll totally win the contest, because it's always the annoying person who never shows up to anything and just gets her name in the hat one stinkin' time who wins these kinds of things. If that's the case I'll give it to you. Lord knows I would just find a way to hang clothes on it....

  4. Of course I'm planning to win...but I've gotta have something between now and then to use for rainy day workouts!

    4get - if you win, I'll totally take you up on the gift offer...