Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Dark Side of Happiness

I went on the best ride EVER on Wednesday night!

Stone Mountain has earned it's place in my heart forever...

I've never ridden in the dark before but it's a whole new way to experience a ride. The entire park had a quiet peace about it that was calming and exhilarating at the same time. The trees seemed to whisper and the water beside the mountain was still and made little sloshing sounds that I could barely make out over the sound of the slight breeze rushing past my ears. The Christmas lights were around the park in various locations and they illuminated the sidewalk and road in a way that enabled me to see the on-coming walkers and cyclists who passed by. The others that passed would say "hello!" and there were no cars nearby to drown out the sound of their voices. The park police waved kindly and waited for me to pass when they needed to turn and travel in my direction. I couldn't make out the beautiful leaves like last time, but I could hear them crunch under the weight of my bike and I could imagine that the pretty colors I had seen on my previous visit had faded to a coppery brown as they fell to lay along the road. The nearly 20 miles of hill climbing went very fast and although my body was very tired by the time I turned back into the parking lot, I was sad that the ride had come to a close. As I loaded my bike onto my bike rack I knew I'd be back for more...

Sometimes, the value we place on a ride is measured by our speed, distance or the riders who are along for the trip. For me, the value of this ride was in the beauty of the dark, the sounds I experienced and the feeling of calm and satisfaction I felt after the ride. There is something about a first encounter that will always hold a special spot within your memories...but I hope the passion I experienced will continue be with me and that I'll never forget the serenity of the night.

Cycling is truly my therapy.


  1. Sounds like you fell into "the Moment". I like my rides in the morning to work, which are mostly in the dark, just enjoying the ride. I'm happy that you really had fun and look to read more later. KB

  2. Here's to first experiences and the fact that you're such an addict now that it's adorable. xoxo