Friday, December 26, 2008

As you wish...

Several of you have sent me very kind emails to let me know that my blog hiatus has been long here's a quick update on what I've been up to:

I did finally break down and buy it and I kind of hope TSD reads this b/c I'm feeling really guilty that I didn't buy it from him. I had a set aside budget amount and I needed to get all that I could with what I had to spend. I found a deal that included the wireless computer which I hoped would work on the rear wheel so I'd be able to use all of the features as I ride (it was indicated that it WOULD work on the rear wheel...but it didn't...oh well...another reason to buy a Garmin some day...). I hope TSD won't be too mad at me...

Here it is - the Trainer:

The new computer:

For Christmas, Santa was good to us. He brought Julia so many Littlest Pet Shop Toys that I guarantee their stock will go up 30 points by the time the markets re-open and A Nintendo DS game (which was the Littlest Pet Shop Garden Jardin DS Game). Her grandparents also got her a refurbished iMac so she will quit monopolizing my computer...:) You gotta love my "techie" family. Santa brought Aaron a really big dump truck and "Gordon," "James," and "Annie" from Thomas and Friends. Gordon, by far, was his favorite. He was content to lay on the floor connecting and reconnecting Gordon and his tender. He even gave him a kiss from time to time. I got a bright green ipod shuffle to use when riding my bike (the 20G I have is toooooo heavy) and a Starbucks gift card that should keep me warm and toasty for a while! The blog fairy worked on my blog too - which was a nice gift. It's not drastically different but the frames are wider - which I like.

I've ridden at Stone Mountain several times since my last post - I'm continuously amazed at it's beauty. Take today for example, Big ring Betty and I took a spin around the mountain and when we started out, I remember thinking it was a "dreary day". After a warm-up around the small loop, we headed around the big loop. Just past the place that first had such an impact on me, I looked to my right to see that the mountain was partially clouded by fog. It was really pretty stunning! When I'm at the mountain, I find beauty in things that would have previously gone unnoticed.
I'm working hard on the bike this winter but I think I can work harder. I don't really know how to take it to the next level but I'm going to figure it out. I've had two really great friends helping me out - "Fixed One" and "Mr. No Response" have been very supportive of my quest to improve. Just their presence has had an impact - they provide me with motivation to keep working and that means more than I can express in words or writing.

So be calm blog readers...I didn't disappear...I promise to add "more frequent posts" to my list of New Year's Resolutions.

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