Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Claxton is toast...or fruitcake, rather...

So my ride in Claxton has fallen through. Yesterday, I sat to compose a post about this but I just couldn't do it amongst the election, the chaos of two kids and my frustration over the whole situation. While I admit that I'm very disappointed (I've never seen Savannah which is where we were planning to stay and more than was to be my first full century!), I'm also very happy for a few reasons:

1) First and foremost - a friend of mine has been struggling with things beyond his control. He's a very patient and calm guy and I admire his ability to hang in there and weather the situation. A big part of the reason I'm not going is because we had planned this together and he has had to cancel. The good news is that his cloudy skies are starting to look brighter and I'm very happy and confident that his decision not to go will be a good one. Friend, if you're reading this - I'm glad things are looking up and you owe me a ride...big time! :)
2) I can train even more so that when I do my first century, people will turn their heads and say..."wow...who is the nicely sculpted, very hot chick on the pistachio and pearl bike that just passed me like I'm standing still???"
3) I can be at home to go to art class with my daughter on Saturday - she is taking a children's multimedia art class at Chastain Arts Center on Saturday mornings and I've yet to be able to go with her. This weekend I'll get to find out what all the excitement is about!
4) I can attend the ironman party for my friends who kick ass and finished an ironman race over the past couple of weekends...

Life is good.

Did anyone know that Claxton is the fruitcake capital of the world?


  1. I think this is a fantastically sound deduction of thought. You forgot my most important OCD thought - that you're also not supposed to go because something terrible could have happened. Or wonderful. I always get those two mixed up when I worry.

  2. I wanted us to do your 1st century together anyway.

    And, I did know that Claxton is the fruitcake capital of the world.

    And, I'm glad you decided to not work off your community service by picking up trash Saturday morning.