Friday, November 7, 2008

A Beautiful Ride

Today I took my first ride around Stone Mountain Park. It was absolutely beautiful - so much that I found myself very "still" and calm. There is one part of the loop that is very wooded, fairly flat and curvy; the lake is just a few hundred yards to the right. As I traveled along this section of road, yellow leaves were floating in a slight diagonal and dropping quietly to the ground. That image continues to flash in my mind even now, almost eight hours later.

I also recall a beautiful red maple tree with leaves the color of apple cider. I had the most amazing urge to drop my bike and just stare at the tree...maybe pull off a leave to admire it's beauty even closer. I passed the tree without stopping but it's brilliance will be forever remembered.

Some may be surprised by my silence on the bike - I am aware that I am quite the loquacious individual and I'm not ignorant to the jokes that are made about it. When I ride my bike, the beauty of the things around me become more apparent as I'm able to mentally slow down, focus and think clearly.

I enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and I thoroughly enjoyed the beauty I was able to witness today.


  1. Yeah, I'm pretty quiet on bike rides too...but that's mostly because I can't breathe and feel like I'm about to collapse.

    I'm glad you got to ride today, even if it wasn't your dream ride...I'm telling you, though, if you build up a tolerance to those hills, you'll rock your first century!!

    Wuv you!

  2. I do okay with the hills but I don't gobble them up in the way I'd like. I'm formulating a plan of attack though...

  3. I don't think I've ever seen you this serene before. Be at one with the trees grasshopper, for you will find peace in the simple things. I'm glad you enjoyed your ride, as it sounded better than hanging out in the store drinking coffee. K