Sunday, August 3, 2008

Storm Update

I swear...I am adamently opposed to using this blog for discussions of anything other than cycling...but....I thought you'd like to know that we are back in our house w/ a temporary fix on our air conditioning and nothing else working (well...we have electricity...). We hope to have further discussions w/ the insurance agency tomorrow about taking care of our's a run down of what we know:

Tree damage $3,200.00 - yikes!!!

AC damage $133.00 for temporary fix...the big bill comes on Tuesday when the parts arrive...

Sprinkler System Damage - estimate tomorrow

Alarm System Damage - estimate tomorrow or tuesday
electronics - all fried but the TV/Microwave/Washer and Dryer... We've submitted the values to the insurance company and we BETTER hear something tomorrow... Electronics include Mac G4, battery charger for the camcorder, alarm system, sprinkler system, DVD player and surround sound, Game Cube, XBox 360, TiVO, a hair iron (strange, huh?) and a partridge in a pear tree. Who knows what we'll continue to seems like everyday we find something else wrong...

Keep prayin'....If I can get all of this muck taken care of then I can actually climb back on my bike!


  1. Why are you adamantly opposed to discussing non-cycling-related stuff? You are not ONLY a cyclist; you are a multifaceted being whose friends like to read about all areas of your life!

  2. but this is a cycling blog....not an all about me blog.

    Why are you you the only person who comments on my blog when I know of at least 6 others who read it daily? (well...they would if I updated daily...)

    And why are we using this like a message board?

  3. I dunno...people send me emails in response to my blog or say something to me on the phone about the posts instead of commenting...I think it's fear of something they said being permanent, or "out there," you know?

    I, however, have no fear of making myself look stoopid.

    I don't know what a message board is so I don't know how to answer the second half of your question...