Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ridiculous Product of the Day and other thoughts...

Ridiculous Product of the Day:

Lifted from BSNYC's quiz results...I couldn't help but post these

yes folks, these are bicycle helmets. I can't decide whether to giggle or vomit. Here's a link if you'd like to look even dumber than the average bike nerd and purchase one of these for your next charity ride...

Speaking of riding...TSD was kind enough to drag my lazy butt along last night...unfortunately he was wearing a helmet cam so there is now footage floating around to prove that I actually ride a bike. I hope TSD kills the sound so no one can hear how much I complained and whined during the ride. Perhaps if he chooses to upload the footage, he'll select a section where I'm managing to look somewhat competent.

So What's New?

I'm "training" for a metric century ride on labor day...and by training I mean that I had Mexican food and beer last night after riding my bike at a miserable 17 mph in the wind. I'm hoping that I can make through all 62 miles in a time frame that doesn't make me ashamed to show my face on the next "B" ride .

I've gone back to work which means I'm apparently grouchy and I spend at least 10 hours a day answering stupid questions and worrying about things that I really have little control over. I have to remind myself constantly that the public education system did not get itself into the shape its in overnight and I'm not going to fix it that quickly either.

I'm considering a visit to a chiropractor or doctor of neck hurts and it's a bone thing - not a muscle thing. I think...

My mom is having a heart cath tomorrow - which is frightening - hopefully all will turn out well, if they find problems they'll ship her up to Crawford Long for additional procedures.

We have finally resolved our issues with the home owners insurance company and the last of the funds came via mail earlier in the week. This means that the TiVo has been replaced and I'll have to return to regular showings of "Go, Diego, Go!"

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  1. For a moment, I thought you were sporting one of these in your new picture.