Sunday, August 31, 2008

By this time tomorrow...

...I'll either be dead tired or sittin' on top of the world! Why? Because tomorrow morning I will ride my first metric century (62 miles)!! Thanks to Gustav, I'll likely be riding it in the rain - but even so, I'm very excited! I'll be riding as one of 6 members of the Southern Crescent Cycling team as an effort to support the share the road campaign - and more specifically - new legislation that will require cars to give 3 feet when passing cyclists on the road.

On a totally off topic note - I came in the garage this afternoon to find that we have a new garage pet:

I'm not sure why he chose our garage or why he's trying to ride my daughter's bike but I hope he finds a new home soon.

And lastly - I finally got my hitch and new bike rack installed. All I can say to Saris is: pppssbbbhbhbhbbttttttt!!! Yes, mrs. customer service rep - it DOES fit my car!

1 comment:

  1. Hey girl...good luck tomorrow. I know you'll be awesome - I'll be thinking about you all day!

    Man, rat snakes are aggressive...they aren't poisonous (as I'm sure you know), but I've been bitten two or three times by rat snakes. Hopefully she or he'll set up shop somewhere else!

    Cool rack!