Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A letter from the editor...writer...biographer...

To my dearest readers (all two of you),
I haven't given up on blogging - I'm just out riding my bicycle. Check back daily - I think Big Ring Betty sparked an itch in me... You never know when a new post might appear.

I updated my mileage log although my Garmin was on the fritz for a few days so I suspect I missed a few in there. Several entries are missing "info" but that's what happens when you keep track numerically but you don't have the memory capacity to hang on to the details - the Garmin did the numerical work. I'll try to do better keeping up with this - it helps me see when I'm working hard/not working. The low average speeds you are seeing are probably days that I ride in the Buckhead area. I now lead the Peachtree Bikes Sunday morning ride in the Garden Hills area of Buckhead and the hills are really making me strong. On paper, the rides seem slow. These rides aren't about speed and 15 mph in those hills is not exactly slow! I have to match the pace to my riders. Typically it's the same riders but we get a newbie from time to time and it slows us down a little since the route is not marked and we all have to stay together.

Not much else to report - I've been working at Peachtree Bikes this summer and it's been a great learning experience. I'm the only chick so I get a lot of harassment - lucky for me, I'm pretty good at giving it back! :) I'm learning a lot about bikes - especially my own and it's been fun to sell bikes - particularly to women who would otherwise be sold whatever was on-hand just b/c it was a close enough fit. I've worked hard at disseminating knowledge and it appears that it pays off - I've had a few "noticeable" sales! :) I think consumers appreciate it when you take the time to educate them about what they are buying. Oh, and btw - PTB wouldn't sell a bike to a woman just b/c it fits - but I believe that many shops do. PTB is very woman-friendly and they are one of the wonderful Sorella Sponsors!!

Last but not least - I'll leave you with this: To race or not to race - that is the current pressing question. I gotta make up my mind quickly...