Sunday, April 26, 2009

Okay, Fine. I am Specialized!

If you know anything about me you know I've been endlessly bike shopping since late fall. I was only "shopping" until my friend Ann's husband, Danny, had to go be a hero and buy her a bike. Then, the fever got worse.

In January, I decided that I needed Aero Bars. That held me for a bit. In March I started riding w/ a faster group and the fever flared up again. Then came April when I (on a whim) decided to do my first Time Trial. I did quite well, I think. Looking at all of the pretty bikes around me got the itch going ONCE AGAIN. I couldn't help but notice that I was the only one out there racing on a STEEL BIKE (although, an awesome steel bike...)!

I think things happen for a reason. So I knew it was fate when I walked into Peachtree Bikes last Wednesday night and mentioned my interest in a Specialized Ruby Pro to find out that there just happen to be one - a NEW one - in a price range I could handle. If my memory serves me well (and it typically does) - it went down kind of like this:

Me (to Mike and Lori B.): Yea...There is a Specialized Designs for Women demo in town I think...I read it somewhere online. I know Epic Bikes did a demo ride tonight while Specialized was in the area.

Mike (Peachtree Bikes, shop owner): Hey - you mentioned you didn't want to drop to 650's (referring to a conversation about Orbea that we'd had earlier in the evening) - if you were to go with Specialized, you wouldn't have to - what size did you say you need?

Me: Yea, I saw that. I need a 48cm and I've been looking at the Ruby Pro for a while but I just hate to drop the cash. Trust me, I speak specialized as well as I do English.

Mike: Wait, did you say a 48? Hang on a sec...[Mike takes off to his curiosity and I followed...]

Mike: [he "hunt and pecks" out a web address] Look at this! I can get you a deal on a 2008 Ruby Pro w/ the Dura Ace package since the '09s have just come out. They seem to have just a few left in your size they are trying to move! The price is great [he grabs a "calculator" and starts crunching numbers] ..... and you get a better deal since you're a Sorella!

Me: No shit!? Look at that! [I practically dance a jig...]

Mike: I'm about to place an order...if you know you want wouldn't have to pay freight if you let me know in the next few days so I can order it with my shipment.

Me: Let me go home and sleep with my husb..I mean, sleep on it... that's a really big's a really good deal, too...

I bought the bike on Saturday morning. I just couldn't help it - I've tried not to like Specialized because it's just so dang popular but I'm impressed with their lifetime warranty and the beautiful geometry that is unmistakable - even when seen from a distance. If anything was going to be the buzz kill, it'd be "the fit". I'm picky about my geometry - I won't make another purchase unless it fits my body and my riding style. So I climbed on a 48cm Ruby Elite that was the shop and it fit my body like a glove. Fate, I tell you.

I'm so excited I'm having to try NOT to talk about it or think about it. It's being ordered from Specialized tomorrow so it should be in by Friday. Then we'll have to tweak and fiddle with it, I'm sure. The crankset needs changing - I think it's time to move on from the compact (the topic of another post, perhaps?). I can't wait to ride it. I can't wait to take it out on the Wednesday night Sorella ride (which starts at 6:30, btw...not 6:00) and race up Olympic hill.

So to all of you who have humored me as I rant about bikes over the last 6 months - God Bless you - thank you - now you only have to listen to me rant about the changes I plan to make to this one.


  1. Uh-oh...Clint better redesign your site so it'll match! ;-)

  2. nah...I love green...but Blog fairy can do what he wants w/ the blog - just so it looks awesome. :)

  3. Cant I get a more rugged nickname than fairy?

  4. LOL. You are the blog fairy. Deal with it. :)

  5. Hey blog, blog barbarian...go fix the stinkin blue line for the people who use Internet Explorer. It's much easier than trying to teach all of them to use a better browser.

  6. Blog Mountain ManApril 27, 2009 at 5:30 PM

    but they should use a better browser. heathens.

  7. I really think you are going to be disappointed with this bike. You should probably sell it at an even better rate to me, so can give my better half a really sweet bike. Oh, I mean terrible bike. ;-) Have funn riding there super champ! Your overall avg speed for the TT was awesome Cristy!!

  8. Thanks KB - I miss you and was thinking of you today! I would guess your better half is too tall for my new bike but I could make her a sweet deal on a great Jamis I know of...:)

  9. Hot Damn! You go sweet girl!