Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Long Hiatus!

I haven't ridden to Mexico yet - my hiatus is purely related to the amount of things going on in my life over the last month or so... here's a REALLY quick recap:

* March was a good riding month for me. I made my FCA Endurance debut (formerly known as "A group") and I managed to keep up for the majority of the ride. Was dropped on the big hill but I regrouped cut off the pack by taking a detour and finished the ride with them. I felt the most amazing sense of accomplishment. It was the fastest average I've had to date - over 22mph average for over 20 miles.

** My birthday sort of crept up on me...I woke up on April 6th to realize that my 20's were gone. I'm not at all sad and I don't feel any different. My family showered me with bicycle related gifts which will be posted here soon for you all to gawk at.

*** I have spent an inordinate amount of time worrying about a friend/trying to provide support for a friend who in turn has had to spend an inordinate amount of time worry and trying to provide support for his daughter. Out of respect for their privacy, I'll leave it at that.

**** I am involved in a legal battle at work. Don't worry, I didn't do anything wrong but I'm having to spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME dealing with it/worry about it. I worry, that's what I do. It'll pass sooner or later. I haven't done anything wrong, I just have to continue to remind myself that I'm not on trial here and I don't need to worry about defending myself - despite the accusations that may be made.

***** I have spent a great deal of time focusing on the needs of my family - especially my daughter. 'Nuff said about that too.

****** I have been on a bicycle quite a bit...surprise surprise. I did okay in March with regards to mileage although still not nearly April, I'm off to an okay start but last week the weather was really cruddy and this week I'm taking it easy - I am most likely participating in my very first time trial this weekend. I'm so nervous that I can't talk about it any more than that. More to come, I'm sure... But all in all, the mileage is increasing nicely. And in case you've ever wondered...that sidebar on the right logs only my actual road miles - it doesn't include miles on the

******* I have accepted my addiction to cycling and all things related and I've decided that I don't need therapy. Therefore, I've decided to ride more than I write. :)

********I got my new Sorella kit? That's probably not big news to anyone but me.

So, as you see, I have had my plate I type it, it really doesn't seem like much but there is a lot "in-between the lines" that I really can't/won't discuss right now. I'm cool, riding is cool, the family is cool - that's all that matters.


  1. I wish I knew more about some of these things, but hopefully we can catch up on our vacation...

    Love you much. Glad you updated!