Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why Cycling is the Best Sport for Women

I completed the Metric Century Option of the Wilson 100 today. What an awesome ride - great SAG support, good food, awesome route w/ low traffic, no dogs and beautiful scenery. This one becomes a fixture on my list!

I must also celebrate a little...if you aren't keeping up, I've ridden 145.85 miles in 6 days!!

Today I planned my first century - November 8th in Claxton if Ann will tag along. I can't wait!

Speaking of Ann, she has become my faithful riding partner and a good friend. We have a blast riding (we're well matched too, I think) and spend quite a bit of time giggling at women who like to "peace out", men who direct traffic backwards, the occasional hogzilla and boys w/ tire tubes on their seat post. After the ride today, we hung out w/ the legendary Brenda H. who is training for the Ironman at the end of October. Not only did she get up and ride the full century this morning, but as Ann and I were on our way in, we passed her going the other way in her running shoes! Yes, folks, she pedaled over 100 miles at a breakneck pace and then decided to change into her tennis shoes for a run! WOW! I'm pretty proud of myself but if I do say so myself, Brenda H - you rock!

While enjoying the after ride lasagna, BH pointed out a fact that I am in total agreement with: Cycling is an awesome sport for women! Not only do women cyclists kick a$$ and leave plenty of men behind to eat our dust, but when we aren't in the lead, those riders in front of us are typically sweaty men w/ well defined muscles and tight buns! Sometimes, we even catch one as he rips off his jersey to ride shirtless. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of average men riding bikes - even fat men... But those few hot ones (lets count ladies...a few are in our own cycling club, no???) make this sport just that much more enjoyable!

Can I getta w00t w00t!?


  1. I'm proud of you, girl. You're kicking butt out there!

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  3. Good first year riding. Just remember the winter is not the off season and you will be even stronger next year.

  4. I plan to pedal my legs off this winter!!