Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday for the World to Witness

Today is my best friend's birthday. Because I love her dearly, I'll break my own rule about posting off topic and devote a few minutes to her...

Heather is the human equivalent of a box of paper snakes - you know, the kind you see in the movies where people open the top, compressed paper snakes hop out and the recipient first appears terrified but then ends up in a fit of uncontrollable giggles. Think of me as the recipient and Heather as the snakes - only more beautiful. I've had the joy of calling her my best friend for 11 years now and we've undoubtedly built an unbreakable bond. We've experienced laughter, sadness, anger and triumph of spirit together and I can only hope that the past 11 years are the beginning to a lengthy race. With her by my side, I've experienced beautiful scenery and rocky terrain. Most importantly though, I've never been alone and I've always known that there was someone there to share my skeletons, scars, and giggles.

When Heather's birthday approaches each year, I spend countless hours trying to find the best way to let her know how important she is but no home baked giraffe cake, piece of jewelry, expensive dinner, unusual gift, or night of beer seems to convey how special she really is. This year I considered a tattoo to express my heartfelt commitment but after the artist on duty at Sacred Heart couldn't hang up from his personal call long enough to ask if I'd like a tattoo, I decided that the customer service was so bad that I wouldn't give the inking ability a chance. What a let down...but I digress...

Heather, Happy Birthday girl. I love ya more than you'll ever know. When we're 80 years old and your children are only in high school, I'll be there to help you raise them through tongue piercing and teleporters (or whatever is cool in the year 2059). Don't worry though, my great-grandchildren will be close behind and you can help to explain why MCMXCVII is tattooed on my wrist...


  1. I want to know... where is the bottle(s) of corona and the shot of tequila???? Happy Birthday to Heather! I'm celebrating from the beach:-)

  2. yay for the beach!!! The bottles of beer were sitting beside us - we our fill that night! :)

  3. Ok, so now I'm crying at work. You my boo, girl. You my boo.

  4. Happy Birthday, Heather. I only know you vicariously through Cristy, but if half the things she says about you are true, you truly deserve a great birthday wish today!

  5. Thank you Tammy and Ann! No, none of it is true, but that's part of what makes Cris such a great BFF. She's sees all sorts of things in me that no one else does. I love her to pieces.