Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Cool Stuff Report - Man's Best Friend

In an effort to kick start my blogging habit (for the 10th time...), I'm going to do a weekly "Cool Stuff" Report. This report will come on Thursdays each week and will feature ultra sweet cycling related items (or technology!) that I think are deserving of a nod or public mention. I hope you enjoy my picks for this week - Our theme this week focuses on Man's Best Friend - Fido!

1) Cycle Dog Collars - MSRP $26.99 (price ranges depending on buckle style and size)
It's made in the USA (Portland, Oregon), cute as crap and is made from recycled bicycle tubes! This collar has an old school "seat belt" style clasp and an attached "pup top" bottle opener for your adult beverage. Sweet! I've ordered three already although I'm a little worried that even the size small will be a little too large for my 9 and 11 pound weiner dogs. There is no extra small...

2) Snoozer Dog Basket - MSRP $89.99
For dogs and pets up to 15 pounds (weiner dog friendly!). This basket comes complete with a rain cover for your little friend's head (in the event you are on a leisurely ride with your small dog in the rain...) and a handy dandy water bottle holder along the side. I have not ordered one of these...

and last but not least...

3) Bikerdog Jogging Attachment - MSRP $70.00
For those who need to walk the dog but can't give up their precious cycling time - the Bikerdog attachment comes with or without a harness so that your best friend can run along side your morning ride with a full harness or by simply attaching the leash to he/her collar. I have not ordered one of these since my less-than-brilliant weiner dogs would undoubtedly dart in front of my bike causing mucho painful road rash.

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