Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Year, New Challenges

I have the bicycle blues. I wouldn't say that I don't want to ride - but I can't quite drag my butt outside, either. I think about riding several times each day but I can't get motivated to swing my leg over the top tube and clip my feet into those pedals.

I've blamed it on the weather but it's beginning to warm up, technically - the days are already getting longer. I say I'm not riding b/c it's supposed to rain, because it's too cold, because I need to take the tree down, because I can't hang on to the tail of that ride, because my bike needs some work, because my shoes are too small and my feet hurt, because I need to focus more on my family (my husband, my job, my knitting, my cleaning, getting some name it).... but it's all just another excuse.

What happened? Where did my urgency go? I miss my bike but I seem to have the most amazing lack of energy...

I need some motivation.


  1. Hrmmmm...I noticed that you have said "it's raining" in the past, but any time you've said that, it really was raining.

    I would say that there's nothing wrong with spending time with you family, so I wouldn't count that as an "excuse." That's a 100% legitimate REASON not to ride your bike. But that's just my opinion...and I have to say, doing yoga made me sweat and made my heart pound more than any other type of exercise ever has.

    Love you bunches. xoxoxo

  2. I don't think it's much to worry about...January is tough to get moving! Just keep at it!

  3. It's not just you Cristy. I'm kinda in the same boat right now.